Software Piracy and Linux Adoptation

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The open-source software operating system Linux is a
free-of-charge substitute to proprietary systems like Microsoft
Windows. By using a cross-country data set, this paper finds evidence
that increased piracy of proprietary software has a negative impact
on adoption of desktop versions of Linux. The interpretation of this
result is that the availability of pirated versions of Windows, as
well as pirated applications compatible with Windows and OS-X, lead
to fewer individuals installing a Linux operating system on their
desktop computers. Thus, in the absence of software piracy, Linux
would be a more widely used operating system.

Arne Rogde Gramstad er stipendiat ved Økonomisk institutt, UiO. Arnes
arbeid er motivert av markeder for digitale produkter og omhandler
bl.a. konkurranse i markeder for programvare, sosiale nettverk og