AppStream: Machine-readable metadata for all the things! - Debconf 16


Since last year, Debian supports the AppStream specification for providing machine readable metadata for any software component available in the Linux distribution. At time, the data is primarily used by GNOME Software and KDE Discover to display an user-friendly catalogue of installable applications. But this is not all we can do with the new metadata: It can be used to automatically detect and install missing firmware and drivers, match applications between distributions and allow upstream projects to track them across different distribution releases and other interesting tasks like automatically checking installed applications for vulnerabilities or installing missing libraries and Python modules automatically in a distro-agnostic way. The talk will explain what AppStream is today and how it is implemented in Debian, as well as giving some statistics on the availability and evolution of metadata. It will also go into detail on usecases for the metadata, challenges in writing it and future plans, like support for fonts and more automatization in data generation. Talk (20 mins) session with Matthias Klumpp during Debconf 16

lastet opp 22. juli 2016
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