GNU/screen comes to Debian Installer - Debconf 16

Publisert av NUUG

It's based on my recent work to support GNU/screen for Debian Installer. For d-i on normal PC, we can simply press Alt-F2 to get a console almost anytime during install, but it's not easy for some device such as headless server or ARM based board, which usually accessed via serial console or network-console (SSH). So I spent some time to make GNU/screen ported to Debian Installer [0]. Now it's almost done, and only wait for 2 packages to be uploaded [1][2] I also made a few local build for a few devices, and asked users to test, the feedback is quite positive [3]. I'll introduce this work during the short talk and ask for feedback. And if possible, I can also do some demo after the talk. Thank you! [0] [1] [2] [3] Talk (20 mins) session with Roger Shimizu during Debconf 16