Data collection, psychometric profiling and their impact on politics


Most political campaigns are data-driven nowadays, and many are getting into profiling of individual voters. Recently, a company with a strong background in military PSYOPS has implemented technology developed at Cambridge University, to enable psychological profiling based on digital traces. They have then been embedded into some of the most surprising recent political campaigns: Ted Cruz's, Donald Trump's and Leave.EU (Brexit). I will outline my personal journey, first discovering the technology as a test subject for Cambridge University, then investigating this company as a complete amateur, and eventually contributing to an article shared globally. A background article based on this research was published by NRK Beta early in february 2017, see <>. The speaker, Paul-Olivier Dehaye, is a mathematician at the University of Zurich working on interoperability tools enabling new forms of collaborative work on mathematical data, knowledge and software. In his spare time, he enjoys litigating (and especially winning!) against multibillion dollar businesses for the defence of his fundamental right to data protection. He is now leveraging that experience as co-founder of PersonalData.IO, a service that helps individuals regain control over their personal data. NUUG talk from 2017-04-04.

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