Trustworthy computers


Jonas Smedegaard presents Trustworthy computers. Buying a new laptop, phone or other computer is not easy. Many computers can run Linux nowadays, but depending on your needs fewer of them work well, if security is one of your concerns then options available to you surprisingly shrink to almost zero. The talk will highlight some security issues and advice on what to look for in computers - laptops, phones and small home servers - for those of us concerned about privacy and want full control over our computing environments. Jonas Smedegaard is a freelance systems administrator and developer with a special interest in ethically designed computers and software. Jonas is a long time Debian developer involved with several Blends including FreedomBox and DebianParl where ethical aspects of hardware and software is crucial. Since mid 2017 Jonas has been hired by Purism to help develop the Debian-based PureOS shipped with their line of Librem laptops and a future Librem phone. NUUG talk from 2018-01-09.

lastet opp 13. jan. 2018
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