FSCONS 2017 - Karl Trygve Kalleberg - Taking back control of the software running on your hardware


Open technology is a fantastically appealing dream. Here in the real world, however, many of us struggle to get by with the increasingly closed platforms that define our digital life. In this talk, we discuss how to combat closed technology with open technology, through the supernerdy activity of reverse engineering.g is just a fancy name for taking things apart to understand how they work. We demonstrate how this can be done to closed-source software running on various different platforms. As part of our demonstration, we cover a handful of topics relevant for the intrepid hacktivist who wants to survive in the age of gated communities: * investigative capabilities available on closed mobile platforms (focus on Android and IOS) * trends in application sandboxing and digital rights management * gotchas of interoperating with proprietary protocols We’ll approach these topics through a series of adventures on the console, alongside our favourite traveling companion: Frida. She’s an awesome (libre!) tool for inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and QNX. The examples throughout the talk may be somewhat technical, but taken from everyday examples most of the audience should be able to relate to. Even if programming and reverse engineering is not your thing, you still risk learning something by showing up. Recorded for FSCONS by NUUG.

lastet opp 14. des. 2018
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