EuroBSDCon 2019, Lillehammer: Rust: Systems Programmers Can Have Nice Things - Arun Thomas


Arun Thomas presents. Rust is a new programming language, originally from Mozilla, that combines the safety and productivity of a high-level language with the performance and low-level control of a traditional systems language. Rust achieves this combination through clever and pragmatic programming language design — along with awesome tooling and libraries. In this talk, I will dive into the features that make Rust the right choice for 21st-century systems programming. I will give a general introduction to the language and an overview of the Rust ecosystem. I will also walk through the process of developing Rust on BSD. Arun Thomas Arun Thomas is an operating systems researcher and an open source developer. He got his first taste of BSD in 2002. Arun is a Principal Scientist at Draper Laboratory. At Draper, Arun leads the DARPA-funded SSITH/HOPE project, a research collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, PSU, INRIA, Dover Microsystems, and Dornerworks to develop a hardware security architecture that enables flexible, verified policy enforcement on RISC-V. Recently, he has been exploring the use of Rust as a foundational technology for building secure systems. Arun has spoken about systems programming topics at ARM TechCon, the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), BSDCan, EuroBSDcon, BSDTW, FOSDEM, Systems We Love, the RISC-V Workshop, and the Oxidize Embedded Rust Conference.

lastet opp 21. des. 2019
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