EuroBSDCon 2019, Lillehammer: Wireless Fidelity with bwfm(4) - Patrick Wildt


The Broadcom Wireless FullMAC chip has been one of the biggest hurdles in properly supporting Apple MacBooks in the recent years. But that has not been the only place where this chip has popped up. bwfm(4) is a new OpenBSD driver that supports these chips and was also ported to NetBSD. This talks gives an overview of the chip, an in-depth view into how one communicates with the chip on the three different supported busses, and the higher layer protocol that’s being run on top. It also shows issues properly combining the driver with the OpenBSD net80211 stack, which isn’t written to handle FullMACs. The talk also shows the Firmware and NVRAM distribution issues.

lastet opp 23. des. 2019
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