NUUG Meetup 2020-10-13: 0G: Escaping the Surveillance Blackhole with Free Mobile Computing


Alexandre Oliva presents. So-called smartphones have long been recognized as a surveillance problem by the Free Software community, and it feels like, even at the speed of light, no personal data can escape them any more. Still, they offer useful features that many people find valuable enough to make up for their perceived privacy loss, to everyone's detriment. What if we could get the useful features without sacrificing our privacy? We have enough Free Software and Hardware, and we could have surveillance-Free OLPC-like networking with Tor, using onion-like services for incoming calls. Time seems ripe. Who wants one? Who wants to make them? How can we make them viable? We welcome you to learn more about the 0G project. Alexandre Oliva is a Free Software Evangelist, GNU speaker, Recipient of FSF's 2016 Award for the Advancement of Free Software and FSF and FSF Latin America board member. He is also 0G foreseer of the 0G project, LibrePlanet São Paulo activist, Maintainer of GNU Linux-libre, and co-maintainer of the GNU Compiler Collection, GNU binutils and GNU libc and finally GNU tools engineer at AdaCore.

lastet opp 27. okt. 2020
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